What are the dimensions of the aluminum bracket?

One of the most important and common beginner questions we see from people new to Hovr is regarding the measurements of our classic Aluminum Hovr System - and rightly so! After all, you're going to need to know the dimensions in order to plan your project and cut a channel in your shelf (although we ALWAYS recommend you have your product in hand before you start cutting your shelf material - this is even more important with the steel bracket but that's a topic for another time). 

The first one you'll want to take note of is the 1.5" thickness/height of the female bracket. This is going to mean that the system is best suited for 2" thick shelves where you have 1/4" of material on the top and bottom to conceal the bracket (have a shelf that's only 1.5" thick? Learn about the alternate Exposed Bracket Installation method here). You can take a look at the dimensions of the female bracket below, then feel free to follow the link below to the full article to see all the key dimensions of both bracket components, and learn some other key details of the system. Then feel free to check out our other articles as needed while you’re there for any other questions you may have!

We sell our aluminum bracket in standard lengths of either 4-feet (47 inches) or 8-feet (94 inches). They can be installed side by side, or cut to many required lengths. You can also order custom lengths through many of our authorized distributors. Overall, this means the applications are nearly endless. You can see the key dimensions of these brackets in the diagrams below:

*Please note that as the production methods wear down and are replaced, there can be minor shifts in these dimensions through the production cycle. We ALWAYS recommend you have your brackets on hand and measure before you start cutting your shelf material.

Want to learn more about positioning the brackets properly in your shelf? Click here to learn about female bracket placement and "The Fingernail" as well as why it's so important in installations.

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