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One of the things we see pretty often is a customer writing us to say they are missing some installation parts or brackets, but here's interesting part - In 99% of cases, nothing is missing.

Here's how this tends to occur: Let's say a customer orders five (5) brackets and a Bit Pack. They place they order, and they expect six (6) items to arrive in the mail. 4-6 days later, they receive two (2) boxes from Hovr; now here's where things start to get twisted up. Sometimes, customers assume this to be only two (2) brackets with no install parts, or all five brackets with no install parts and immediately write us to let us know things are missing. In almost all cases, everything is actually there.

We typically ship up to three (3) brackets in a single box, and will also include the Install Pack or Bit Pack inside these boxes to streamline shipping and reduce the amount of packages you have to juggle upon delivery. Almost every time a customer reaches out to us about a missing bracket or hardware pack, opening up the boxes reveals that it was there all along. This happens so much we've actually started to note that these items are inside on the exterior of our packaging!

So if you think you might be missing an item, take a moment, open up all your goodies - it's probably been in the box the whole time!

*If you are still missing something, you can reach out to us via email at contact@hovrsolutions.com

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