Estimated Shipping Times

We get a lot of questions each week about how long a given order is going to take to arrive at any given location. As a result, we've started collecting data to give you our best estimate on how long it will take your order to ship from our location in Abbotsford, British Columbia to your doorstep.

Before we get started, a couple things to note:

1) These are our best estimates based on previous experience and projections from the couriers we use. We cannot guarantee these timelines, but we felt you may want to reference this information so you have some idea of what to expect for lead times on your projects.

2) Your location in a given Province or State can have a big effect on the shipping time. For example, while our typical delivery time in British Columbia, Canada is 1-2 business days, remote northern islands in the Province can see shipping times of up to 9 days - this is because the package needs to make many stops along it's transit to that location and due to the isolated nature of the area. If you live in a remote location within your Province or State, expect a bit longer for your package to reach you and plan ahead for that lead time.

3) Keep in mind that we typically ship same or next day when you order - orders placed after 3pm PST will always be shipped the following day. This means often you will want to add a day to your delivery time to account for us packing and sending out the order for you.

With all that said, see below for our work-in-progress North American map of projected shipping times in business days. We are still collecting data and will be updating this as we have more information to use here:

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