Can I Order Directly Over the Phone?

Unfortunately, we do not take orders over the phone.
There are two main reasons for this:

1) We have no on-site payment - We do all of our sales online through our website directly, and there is no terminal at our warehouse to process payment. We find our system works best when streamlined into one simple, clear channel and this helps us get your Hovr brackets into your hands in the fastest, most reliable way.

2) We don't take credit card information over the phone - We prefer to maintain a more secure operation where your payment information is encrypted and secured digitally for the protection of your data and privacy.

However, if you are old-school, or just don't want to order directly through our website for some other reason, there are a couple options for you:

Option 1: You can email your requested order items to us at and our Shipping Manager can send you a manual invoice which you can then pay online.

Option 2: If you are in Canada, you can search our list of Authorized Distributors for one near you, then give them a call and see if they will allow you to order by phone, many of them are able to do this.

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