End Caps

When using the exposed bracket installation method, you will likely want to add end caps on either side of your installed bracket. These end caps are 1/16" off each end, so in total your female bracket component will need to be 1/8" shorter than your shelf. You can order these along with your Hovr system or separately Here. 

These come in a variety of colours that you can select from on the store page. That said, sometimes customers are interested in custom colours.

While we have a standard set of colours available, we do also provide custom colours for end caps when requested. Note that there is a 1-time set up fee for us to order a new filament colour in addition to the base cost of the end caps produced. This option is primarily of value to buyers requiring a large amount of these end caps, as the set up cost is prohibitive for a single-use project.

Another option is to simply order standard end caps and paint them to match your needs. The material is such that this is a viable option, and many of our customers do this rather than spend money on custom colours.

We encourage you to notch the shelf so no end caps are required, or just order the basic caps and paint them as per your needs. That said, if you would like to go the custom colour route, the cost is the $60 set up fee plus the cost of caps at $5 per set of 2 end caps.

To order custom end caps, send an email to contact@hovrsolutions.com detailing your needs.

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