Painting the Bracket

Once in a while, we get customers asking if you can paint the bracket. This isn't typically relevant for a standard installation - the normal install has the bracket fully concealed within the back of the shelf. However, sometimes our customers will do an Exposed Bracket Installation - in these you WILL be able to see the bracket, and installers may want to paint the aluminum bracket to either accent or blend with the rest of the shelf. Read on below to learn more.

There are 2 ways according to painter's recommendations to do this:

1. Spray Paint

You'll want to use a spray paint primer here first, then spray paint the colour of your choosing once dried. The upside here is obvious - speed and convenience. Use any colour spray paint of the same make as your primer and you should be good to go. Also pay mind to the context of your installation - you may need to use different paint based on various factors (indoor vs. outdoor installation etc.) Example spray primer below:

2. Standard Painting

This is the method our paint-pro recommended. Higher effort for a higher quality. You likewise will need to use a primer, then follow up by painting with the colour of your choice - see below for a recommended primer option.

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