When should I opt to use the steel bracket rather than the aluminum one?

While our standard and highest selling bracket is the aluminum one, there are 2 criteria, when you want to opt for using the larger and stronger steel bracket.

  1. The maximum load you want to spread over the length of the shelf, 8 inches from the wall exceeds 300 lbs. 
  2. You want to use larger bolts than the standard #8 pan head wood screws.
  3. Your shelf is between 3" and 8.5" thick and you need a thicker system for a higher weight and thickness installation.

This is because the steel bracket has so much more room inside the bracket. See the below images of the aluminum bracket on the left, and steel on the right for reference:

As you can see there is much more room to accommodate for larger screws (such as lag bolts) in the steel bracket. Additionally, note that the smallest steel bracket is 2 ½” tall and offered in heights increasing in ½” increments all the way up to 7” inches tall.

Check out this quick video primer on the steel bracket to learn more:


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