Can I glue the male and female brackets together? How?

Yes, you can. If used in conjunction with set screws, it is the safest, strongest installation. However, it may also be the most permanent as well.

The type of glue you use is important. Some customers have used PL, Silicone or DAP, but we recommend using either 2-component aluminum epoxy or 2-component steel epoxy based on your project.

See the below diagrams on gluing the aluminum (first image) and steel (second image) brackets below:

For gluing the aluminum bracket, we recommend the E6000 as your adhesive. Make sure you get one that says that it is for use on metal on the package! You can also use the 2-component JB Weld (Brand by the same name) for metal.

For steel, the strongest epoxy we have found is the DP110 from M3.

For more information on how to glue aluminum, check out our article here.

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