How deep do the pan head screws need to be in the studs?

When you order your Hovr Brackets, they come with our recommended #8, 2 1/2" pan head screws. We've had customers ask how deep these need to be in the framing studs in order to have a successful install in the past, so we thought we'd put some more info on it here.

The upper part of the male bracket (seen above) is 1/4" thick. This means assuming the drywall is about 1/4" thick (standard), the top screw will be in the bracket by about 2".

The bottom of the bracket is only 1/8" thick, so the bottom screw will be even deeper in the stud (by 1/8")

Based on a two-stud install within our recommended parameters (shelf depth, etc.), you can expect approximately the below holding strengths:
1 inch into the stud: 90lbs of holding strength per stud for around 180lbs in a two-stud install.
2 inches into the studs: 180lbs of holding strength per stud for around 360lbs capacity in a two stud install.

We don't include the bottom screw in our calculations, primarily because it is mainly a safety/stabilizer and are not the main holding factor. That said, this DOES NOT mean you can just skip using the bottom screws.

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