What type of anchors should I use in drywall?

We recommend the EZ Load drywall anchors (75lbs or 100lbs) - the plastic version. The metal version only works well in drywall thicker than ½ inches. Note that these can only be used in the upper dyeline hole, since the heads of these anchors are so large that they could interfere with each other if both the top, AND bottom holes are used for them. Regarding the screws to use in conjunction with the EZ Load anchors, we always recommend a #8 metal pan head metal screw (Phillips drive at 1 ¼ inch length) as seen below.



Using this installation, we recommend using one anchor every 3 inches - the more, the better. Please see this YouTube video on our channel to learn more.

If you're wondering where to buy these anchors, you can purchase them directly from our website here.

You may instead use normal dowels, but its important to make sure they are for drywall only, also note that the load capacity is less.


Depending on the thickness of the drywall in which you wish to mount the shelf, the Fast Cap Rock Lock Anchor may work quite well. However, If the drywall is equal or less to ½ inch, we do not recommend this application.



We do NOT recommend using either of the following:

1) Toggle Bolt or Molly Bolts        

2) Hollow wall anchors                                  

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