Stone / Concrete Shelves

We see a question once in a while about whether it's possible to use our system to mount stone or concrete shelves. Concrete shelves are even heavier than solid engineered stone or granite. This is why they usually have a Styrofoam core - even if it is only a small one.

One concrete is not equal to another - there can be a lot of variables that depend heavily on the mix. More sand or even small gravel will make it porous; the wrong water to concrete ratio mix can make it unstable, etc.

This means that if a customer wants a concrete shelf, we always insist that they go to a professional concrete pouring manufacturer such as Liquid Stone Studios in Ladysmith, BC.

Using the aluminum bracket in a stone concrete applications is virtually impossible. In this scenario, the bolts required are simply too big and would interfere in the small space between the brackets and stop them from connecting properly. We have however, seen a few of these projects carried out successfully using our steel bracket, which is meant for heavier installations and has more space to fit the previously mentioned bolts.

In the below example, the washer and nut were welded to the steel bracket, since a steel plate was needed inside the concrete shelf to hold it up.

Then a silicone form was made that inside looks like the shelf (depth width and length). From there, a wooden form was created into which the silicone form goes. Finally, the concrete is poured into that form.

Next, the concrete was coloured to the customers specifications. Then, it was vacuum sealed, and an effort is made to get all the air out. After 2 or more days, the form is removed and it is all one piece.

As you can see, there is no epoxy or other glue. Concrete is simply too porous to be glued for our purposes here.

Ultimately, installations of concrete shelves will likely always require our steel bracket and are simply not recommended with our aluminum system. Also, please always remember to reinforce the wall properly!

To learn more about the Steel Hovr System, click here.

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