Can I attach the bracket to steel or aluminum studs?

Absolutely! That said, there are going to be some minor differences in installation style. The best place to start is by watching this installation example on our YouTube page here:

As usual, you'll want to hit at least 2 studs to get good strength out of your bracket. Mark and drill your pilot holes after lining up your bracket, then we recommend using steel stud anchors (1 Shot brand, 88.9mm/3.5", 300 lbs. rated) and drilling the anchors into the wall and stud. (Hint: Only use the upper dieline when drilling for the anchors - their heads are too big and will cause issues)

Now, you can line your male bracket up with your anchors, and use the recommended / provided screws to attach the male bracket to the wall via the anchors, and you're all set to move on to combining the male and female brackets, and locking them in place with the set screws.

You can learn more about how to make the set screw holes here, or how to glue aluminum here.

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