Can the male bracket be installed on tile walls?

You can always tile around it if you prefer, but you can install the Hovr system directly over and onto tile as well! Make sure to pre-drill holes through the tile wherever the long screws go into the stud when attaching the male part of the bracket to the wall/tile. Also careful not to over-tighten when installing the male bracket to the wall - those tiles can crack!

Also note that in this case, the female bracket will need to be inside the shelf a little deeper than in a drywall installation, so that the bottom lip of the female bracket does not stick out. This is because we want to keep the shelf flush against the wall, and the harder material of tile means that the protruding bottom ledge would stop the back of the shelf from sitting flush against the wall and cause it to slant. As a result the bracket must be recessed slightly deeper than on drywall. You can read more about "The Fingernail" here.

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