Shipping Dimensions

One thing we see a fair bit of is questions regarding shipping dimensions and weight. If you are wondering what size your package will be or how much it's going to weigh, you've found the right article.

Obviously the dimensions and weight of your package when you order Hovr product is going to vary - to that end, we've assembled a framework for you to draw from to roughly estimate your order's details:

1 box
471/2" x 4" x 2"
1 bracket - 4lbs,
2 brackets - 7lbs,
3 brackets (with no extra accessories) - 11lbs

2 boxes
471/2" x 4" x 4"
3 brackets (plus accessories) - 11lbs,
4 brackets - 14lbs
5 brackets - 18lbs
6 brackets - 21lbs
7 brackets - 25lbs 

3 boxes
471/2" x 4" x 6"
7 brackets (plus accessories) - 25lbs
8 brackets - 28lbs
9 brackets - 32lbs
10 brackets - 35lbs

Ordering additional hardware packages will add 1lb per hardware pack. Note that the top end of this list is the most we will send as one package - higher quantities of product will ship as multiple packages. Ordering 3 brackets (mounting hardware is included) without other accessories such as the Bit Pack or Hardware Pack will fit into one box, however adding accessories at these thresholds will exceed this and necessitate more packaging. Typically, when you order accessories, we will tape 2 boxes on top of one another and fit the required accessories with one bracket in the top of a box.

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